Our Story

Founder, Lead Designer and CEO, Chrissy Hounchell,

a God-loving mother, wife, patriot and truth seeker, Chrissy Hounchell’s entrepreneurial talents span the depths of fashion, jewelry, skincare, makeup, homemaking, and all things inspiring women to be authentic, confident, and beautiful inside and out. Chrissy’s fun-loving ability to share her hobbies and interest have become a way of life for so many women across the Country. 


Chrissy describes herself as Mom first and an entrepreneur second. She often gets her inspiration from her children, Cadyn and Charlie, and the journey of life they share together. It’s this dedication to her family that drives her to maintain a successful family-centric business today.


Chrissy has achieved global and national rankings for sales production with several entities ranging from local startups to publicly traded multi-national brands. Her bubbly personality and competitive nature make her a natural-born leader in today’s world of social influencing.  


Chrissy’s passion for faith, family, and women’s success motivates her on a quest to empower women to be the best version of themselves, and her strong faith in God guides her in this pursuit while always balancing her chief role as Mom.