ageLOC Meta (3 months)
  • ageLOC Meta (3 months)
  • ageLOC Meta (3 months)

ageLOC Meta (3 months)

$ 360.00

THIS IS FOR A 3 MONTH PREVIEW KIT at a discounted price (retail is $371). The efficacy of this product is based on 3 months consistent use everyday to see and feel results. 

What is it?

AgeLOC Meta is here to help with a daily dose of anthocyanins. Backed by seven years of groundbreaking, exclusive-to-Nu Skin research, it’s powered by anthocyanins— natural health-beneficial compounds found in the deepest purple berries and black rice. This formula features our very own anthocyanin blend, shown to help support metabolic health.** ageLOC Meta is perfect for today’s hectic world because it helps counteract the effects of your modern lifestyle when combined with healthy eating, regular exercise, and better sleep.


  • Helps support metabolic health.**
  • Helps support core metabolism for improved well-being.**
  • Helps support vital organ health including the liver and heart.**
  • Helps support a healthy inflammatory balance/immune activity for healthy cellular function.**
  • Helps promote a healthy microbiome for better gut health.**
  • Helps improve the antioxidant defense system, reducing oxidative stress.**
  • Helps maintain healthy blood glucose.**
  • Fits within the ageLOC brand by targeting the sources of metabolic health.
  • Provides our exclusive ageLOC Meta anthocyanin blend, standardized to 215 mg of anthocyanins per serving.
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