Cadyn & Charlie Surprise Subscription Box

Cadyn & Charlie Surprise Subscription Box

$ 39.95
1) Sounds fabulous. How does it work?
Every month, you’ll receive 2-3 exclusive items (up to $99 value) that are only available to Cadyn & Charlie surprise box members. It is a surprise, you will not get to see what goes inside the box until it arrives to you. Shipping is $3.95 for all U.S. orders.


2) Fun! Who picks the styles?
Our awesome team at Cadyn & Charlie. Stay ahead of the trends and mix it up with a new surprise box each month!


3) Do I have to sign my life away?
Absolutely not! You can cancel anytime. No questions asked.


Important info: Your card will be charged $39.95+tax and shipping on the 10th every month. Your surprise box will ship around the 20th. Surprise boxes are final sale. No returns, exchanges or repairs. The surprise box is not customizable at this time. 

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